The Old Spot

My family is busy.  It’s taken us 14 weeks to get together  for all of the events we wanted to celebrate.  There was the birth of Lilly, Jack’s little sister; Jack’s 21st birthday; Paddy’s 40th birthday; Mother’s Day and Shane’s promotion.  All important events.  Between the new baby in one house and the broken oven in the other, we decided that it would be much more fun to go out rather than to host a big meal.

We managed to get organised and all turn up to The Old Spot for a Sunday dinner yesterday.  It was busy and bustling with several family events being held there that afternoon. But there was no sense of overcrowding or panic. I was greeted warmly and made comfortable immediately.

Arriving first gave me the opportunity to have a negroni at the bar.  It was good, a tiny bit sweeter than I would have liked, but I’m bitter and twisted at the best of times.

We sat down with two of the three littlest people being immediately made welcome with paper and crayons. They had the option to choose a meal from the kids’ menu, which was children friendly without being junky.  They could also opt for half portions of some of the main menu dishes.

When the rest of the folks arrived, we settled down with a lovely glass of picpoul de pinet, which was fresh and light. I was the only one who wanted a starter, and I was so happy I ordered it.  Earl Grey smoked trout with horseradish was delicious.

The kids ordered fish and chips and macaroni cheese and both devoured everything on the plate, apart from the chips that some of the grown-ups stole.

The rest of the table ordered roast rib of beef and trimmings, and we were all very happy indeed. The beef was wonderfully tender and each portion was served to our preference.  A delicious and well-seasoned cauliflower cheese and roast carrots were perfectly done.

I’m not sure that any of us needed or had room for dessert, but everyone managed to squeeze one in.  The caramel fondant with chocolate sorbet was a hit with most of the table, especially combined with Tawney port pairing..  The others opted for the orange drizzle cake and rhubarb, or ice-cream.  Given there was nothing left on anyone’s plate, I reckon they went down very well. 

The staff were welcoming and attentive, without being smothering.  They managed to create an atmosphere that was family friendly without sacrificing an adult atmosphere. Eight very happy people walked out (and one wee baba was carried) feeling full and celebrated.

Phone: +353 1 6605599