Weekend Feasts

I took an extra long weekend recently. It was a mixed weekend with some of it being spent with my boyfriend and his young children, some of it with friends, and some with just me and himself. Highlights were the noodles from Wok In Noodles that we grabbed with the kids post-parade. Chicken noodles were a hit with the smallies and we had duck noodles.

We had couple time in Crabby Jo's.  The staff are welcoming, friendly, and accommodating.  It's a lovely but small space, and they wait staff manage to get around without bumping or spilling, which to a klutz like me is a minor miracle. We had prosecco as we had our oysters, which were delicious and fat.  After that we shared the warm seafood platter.  Generous helpings of crab in butter, prawns, mussels, oysters with Roquefort, and calamari. Oh, and the crab mornay on the side. It was all seasoned so perfectly that all that was required was a plate of bread to mop up the sauce. We greedily managed dessert.  I had the raspberry roulade and he managed to squeeze in a portion of the apple crumble. We also had a glass each of the Cote du Dura 'champ du Bourg' 2012, which was yum. 

Crabby Jo's March 2017.jpg


Friend time was spent chatting in the quiet Sunday night atmosphere of Balfes.  It was perfect for a catch up with college friends.  We kept it simple with a few drinks, mains and dessert.  I had the burger which had a delicious chutney.  It was almost, but not quite, as good as my mum's, but that is the ultimate hamburger. The others had a turkey burger which looked delicious, the goats cheese salad, which I will order next time, and the superfood salad, which we spent some time looking at intently trying to figure out the difference between bulgar wheat and quinoa.  We never did make the distinction. Everyone cleared their plates.  Dessert was a chocolate fondant, which I took a corner of, and it was meltingly warm and so chocolately, but not cloying.  I had almost chosen the parmesan cheesecake (really) and regretted that I didn't when I tasted it.  It made me nostalgic for Delia Smith's baked rice pudding. The green tea creme brulee had a good top, and the texture was perfect, but the flavour of the green tea really didn't come through so felt a little pointless. I went for the chocolate port, which was just right to end the evening.

All in all a fab weekend of food.