The Good Fight

I had such hopes. Since the Good Wife ended I have been finding solace in the early series, when everything was complicated, but not overwhelming.  You remember, when we were on the edge of our seats with the tension between Alicia and Will, when we delighted in the office bickering and back-stabbing, when we loved to hate Mr know that's how you still see him too.

So the Good Fight gave me hope.  And I am left.....not disappointed exactly, but not enthralled, either. I kept waiting for it to take off.  And several times, it almost, very nearly did.  The potential is there.  I can see it, it's just not quite making it. But why is that? Is it that I am expecting the wonder of the Good Wife, or is it that I have forgotten, that for a while, that series was a slow burn too.  Is it that due to the inevitable comparison to its sister series, that it is trying hard? Or is it that I am expecting too much from a first series?  Or is it that in the intervening years between the start of the Good Wife and the start of the Good Fight, there have been huge changes in television.  

I'm looking back at this draft almost a year later, and I think it still holds.  In saying that, I have sat down again to watch the second series of The Good Fight.  I'm willing to give it another go.  For now.

Simone Cameron-Coen