Death, Sex, and Money

Like many of the other podcasts that I listen to, I discovered this one through a recommendation on anther show, possibly This American Life.  This sense of community and reaching out and connectivity is something that draws me to podcasts generally, and this one in particular.

And then there was the name: Death, Sex, and Money.  What more could you want? It's about the stuff of life. The title is an indication of the frankness of the subjects and the simplicity of the format. It is uncomplicated and honest.  

Anna Sale, the presenter, is friendly and direct.  I love her interview style, which is a magic combination of curiosity, compassion, and this comes across in the warmth of her tone. Anna is nosy in the same way that I am, which is essential to an interviewer.  Her manner is friendly there are plenty of giggles.  However, the show never avoids the tougher topics.  

Anna Sale manages to get underneath the surface of a topic and into the meaty goodness below. She gives space to the stories that connect us, and recognises the differences that make us individual.  

More than the actual podcast, there is a Death, Sex, and Money virtual community that is active and lively. There are live events and live programmes. Death, Sex, and Money is one of the more interactive podcasts that I have come across and is listener funded and feels truly listener focused while remaining true to itself.  

Put your earbuds in and let Anna tell you a story.